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Former Member
Aug 18, 2010 at 08:20 PM

Abnormality in Resources - Single and Multimixed


Hello Friends,

When I cif over the workcenters from R/3 to APO, the Machine category (002) comes in as Multimixed and the labor category (001) comes in as single mixed. The labor category is something very recent. We added it for the first time in the test system over the last 2 days. Is this normal?


In the Product Planning Table, on the resource periodic view: the Available (hours) and Requirements (hours) are shown on multiple rows below Utilization (%). However those multiple rows appear only on Single Mixed Resources. For multi-mixed resources I am only able to see utilization (%). How do I add the other 2 rows for multi-mixed resources.

Can someone point out the issue here? Is there are connection between these two observations?