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Aug 18, 2010 at 08:12 PM

Pricing condition issue using Variant Configuration


Hi Gurus,

I have created reference characteristic 'z_price' , with a reference table SDCOM and field VKOND and has values X and Y.

Assigned this characteristic to Class type 300.

\Also assigned dependency type procedure to the characteristic values X and Y.

$self.z_price = 'X' for X and similarly for 'Y'

created condition record VA00 for the characteristic values X and Y.

For X value 100$ and Y value is 200$.

So when i simulated or testing by creating a sales order, the net value is showing as '0' (Zero).

Is there any configuration required to change to make this effect in to consideration.

I assigned objectdepencies to configuration profile and did a test run, still it was not showing up.

I also checked pricing procedures and pricing procedure has condition type VA00.

So dont know what exactly i am missing here. Any one please guide me what are the other steps should i have to follow.

Note: configurable material is already used in production client , so i am trying to upgrade that material to pricing.



Thanks in advance,