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Aug 18, 2010 at 05:07 PM



Hello All,

I am a fresher n have been put up on a project where implementation is almost done but still it's not go-live. Today is my 3rd day of job n they sent me on client site where I got the list of BDCs for which template has already been provided to the client's abaper but he is facing errors in uploading the data.

For eg in uploading absences in infotype 2001..Incase of CL the max limit is of 3 days. If emp takes CL for more than 3 days, it wont be deducted from other quotas and it wud become unpaid leave. So when we tried to run it...we made emp with more than 3 Cls but it get stucked in between and throw the error msg that max limit is of 3 days...what should I do...what settings shall i check..

same when storing data for EL (earned leave), it throw error of collisions..

please help me out as I dont have any idea of BDCs...