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Aug 18, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Issues reg multiple scripts in a single driver program


I have a requirement where 1st page should be in portrait and next pages should be in landscape. In landscape page I need to print 2 internal tables data.

So i created 2 scripts one in potrait and other in landscape.

So I have called open_form with script1(portrait).

Then start_form

Printed data with write_form

Then end_form

select data for 2 tables.

Then start_form = script2(landscape)

Loop at itab1 into wa1.

Printing data with write_form.


Then end_form.

Then close_form.

1) how to print header for 2 internal tables and table/ box dynamically.

2) When printing internal table 1(itab1) the 1st record is printing as many times the no of records in itab1. But when I am checking in debugger the work area1(wa1) data is getting refreshed with new values but those are not getting reflected in script.

Ex : data in internal table 1 (itab1)

100 hi

200 hk

But the output is as 100 hi

100 hi

May be thi is because of opening 2 scripts.