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Aug 17, 2010 at 02:48 PM

How to change Quota deduction to 3 decimals


Our Quota deductions was set-up for 2 decimals, back in 2000, and we have a request to change it to 3 decimals for a Personel Area.

I've looked over the Time Management section of the IMG and looked over the Absence Counting (Rounding Rules, Counting Rules) and the Managing Time Accounts using Attendance/Absence Quotas (Quota Types, Deduction Rules) nodes, but I can't find where to set-up the decimals for Quota deductions.

Our IT2006 shows 5 decimals (but the last 3 are always zeros), but the Quota Used field on IT2001 (Q2000-ANZHL) only has 2 decimals.