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Aug 17, 2010 at 02:01 PM

COPA Operating concern changes on Source


Hi Experts,

(Env. working in : BI 7.0/ECC 6.0)

Recently we have come up with a requirement for COPA that we may need to add few accounts or do some adjustments on the source side for COPA operating concern ( adding and/or deleting few fields ) and that should be reflecting in our BI env.

To start with we are proceeding in sandbox, where we removed/added few chars/value fields in operating concern and regenerated the operating concern on source system.

The issue is when we checked the DS on the source system whether it reflects the changes or not , it does not and we can not have those changes replicated to BI system since it is not reflecting on the DS/Extractor on the source side.

I am guessing at the moment that there are probably few manual steps which we need to perform on the source side after doing the operating concern level changes, but which i am not aware of, at the moment.

Can you please help what we need to do in order to get those changes adjusted on the source DS/extractor, and coming all over to BI side afterwards once we replicate the adjusted DS/extractor from the source system?

Please ask for any more information required...