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Aug 16, 2010 at 09:07 AM

WBS Correction are Not Being Allowed


Hi Experts,

We have an issue with WBS :

Employee has charged X hours against a receiver WBS element that has been closed.

This info errors during the transfer to CO with the error msg reflected on the following screen print.

We have attempted to fix this info via the data entry profile DIRADMIN using CAT2u2026.


A. Delete the entry (on the effective date - in this case 7/10/2010-) and re-enter the hours using an open (alternate) WBS.

B. Correct the record by entering a hours value of ZERO for the closed WBS; and a subsequent hours entry of XX (where XX represents the original number or hours to be charged to the WBS which is now closed.

In EACH case, we have received the following error msg; when we re-created this scenario using employee xxx in QEC with FY 2008 rec (open/closed)WBS data.

The QUESTION: HOW DO WE GET PAST THIS HARD ERROR and send corrected WBS data to CO when the corrected entries are approved and subsequently transferred (VIA cat7) to CO??

Awaiting your replies.

Thanks & Regards


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