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Error message (M3024) during parallel goods movement

For publication distribution, collected unreferenced deliveries and goods issues are done in SAP system for a customer group by a program which is triggered by a web service every day. Standart SAP functionalities are used in this program. At goods issue part of program, an error message is occuring "Valuation data for material & is locked by the user &" with error code :M3024. The user who processes the program is locking himself. Also we have checked the other goods movement types in standart transactions (MB1B-MB11..)and same problem was occured. We have checked the notes that we applied before for to

avoid material lock in paralel goods movement. There is nothing changed both in customizing and deveploment after upgrade. So we couldnt find the way to fix this problem.

FIRST ANSWER FROM SAP*****************************************

Can you kindly review the attached note 70865 with regards to this



We reviewed 70865 and this solution not applicable for our current system.

According to note; We set material late lock exclusive time 15 seconds in


This solution solved material lock error at all plant level.

After this solution,

We get same batch error during goods movement(m3862),

Then We applied note 157423,

this note solved material batch lock error during goods movement,

At last we have now m3024(Material valuation error lock) error during all

goods movement.


As explained in the note 70865 , to ensure data integrity, it is

necessary to block the material against updates by other users during

good movements.

This is achieved by blocking the material plant (lock object MARC) and

the material valuation area (lock object MBEW) exclusively against othertransactions which update the material master.

What you can do, as advised in the note, is to activate the late block

via transaction OMJI. As a result of this change, several users will be

able to carry out good movements to the same material and plant

simultaneously. The problem is that you will experience a disadvantage

of performance loss after this change.

Please, notice that with this change in OMJI, several users will be ableto carry out GOODS MOVEMENTS to the same material and plant


This change will not allow the simultaneous input of a goods movement

and an invoice for the same material (in this case, the material will

be locked as soon as the purchase order item is adopted in the invoice

and the error message M3024 will occur).

When the error message M3024 occurs, you could check with transaction

SM12, there you could find some tables like MBEW are locked by user.

The table is locked to prevent valuation, quantity etc. to be updated.

System does not check if it is standard price or MAP, as soon as

you work with one material it will be locked (its valuation

data has to be locked, because otherwise there is no guarantee of the

consistency of the stock values. Without this lock mechanism the

possibility of serious data inconsistencies could arise).

your customizing under:

SPRO > IMG > Material Management

> Set up Material block for goods movements

Here you could choose setting 2(at positing) to have only a short

locking period at posting.

Please review information in attached notes.

521945 FAQ: Material block

322989 Late block: Number of blocking attempts



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4 Answers

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    Aug 17, 2010 at 06:04 AM


    As per your query please put this in SD forums and get the help because this is related to BASIS technical forums.


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    Aug 17, 2010 at 06:25 AM

    my question set wrong place so answered.

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    Jul 02, 2013 at 06:39 AM


    Did you solved this?

    If it is solved, can you pls explain ?

    i am facing the same problem.



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    Jan 23, 2014 at 07:42 AM

    Dear Friend,

    Can you please let me know How you have resolved the issue,Same I'm getting from a week

    and not able to resolve.

    Please help me ,



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