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Aug 13, 2010 at 10:50 PM

IMPORT FROM DATABASE doesn't work in Web Dynpro


Hi all, I want to use the code at the bottom to get the last packages visited by a user I specify.

But I'm getting this error:

IMPORT var_1 ... var_N FROM DATABASE is not supported in the OO

context. Use IMPORT name_1 TO var_1 ... name_n TO var_n FROM DATABASE

... instead. var_n DATABSE ... insted var_n FROM DATABASE.

Could someone please show me how I can resolve this?


TYPES : BEGIN OF ty_key,

uname TYPE euf4values-uname,

object TYPE euf4values-object,

END OF ty_key.

TYPES : BEGIN OF ty_value_table, " Last F4 Values

obj_name TYPE tadir-obj_name,

encl_object TYPE tadir-obj_name,

position TYPE i,

END OF ty_value_table.

DATA : gs_key TYPE ty_key,

f4_last_values TYPE TABLE OF ty_value_table,

gs_value_table TYPE ty_value_table.

gs_key-uname = item_user.

gs_key-object = 'K'.

IMPORT f4_last_values FROM DATABASE euf4values(eu) ID gs_key.