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Aug 13, 2010 at 03:32 AM

Config of free goods?


I'm an ABAPer so forgive if my question is not clear to you SD guys. We are having an issue with creation of orders and the functional consultant might be new to this problem.

I read several threads here regarding the config.

1) I checked transaction VOV4 for OR-NORM-FREE-TAN-TANN. it's there

2) Checked material master MM03 / Sales Org. 2 for category group. Group of material is NORM.

3) Checked free goods determination in VBN3 for Customer-Material combination, there's a value there and is valid from 12/22/2008 to 12/31/9999 (valid indefinitely)

But when we try to create an order in VA01, using the same customer and material (from number 3) and set the item category of the material to TANN, the system automatically changes it to TAN.

(On the technical side) I checked the exits MV45AFZZ and MV45AFZB and there is no routine there that does the change from TANN to TAN so we're convinced that this is caused by some config.

Can anyone help? How can the item stay as TANN (without having to retype. When it is retyped, it's like the item category is being forced into the system, right?)?

Thanks in advance.