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Aug 13, 2010 at 02:18 AM

depreciation log no detail


our OAAR for the company is 2008. The last successful run is 2009.5. we run AFAB for planned depreciation.2009.6 on Aug.8.2010

but it shows error in the depreciation log, saying account determination is wrong.but we didn' t find any error, in AW01N, period 6 of 2009, it shows the green icon, but no accounting document is posted

on Aug.11.2010, we run afab in restart run, the log shows the red icon , which is error, but we I right click, it didn't tell me the detailed error.

so what cause the error?where can I find more detail?

if one asset has wrong account determination, does it affect all the asset under this company code(no accounting document will post?), but in the log, I already choose list of assets, the assets in the log doesn't have any wrong account determination, why no accounting doc? our period in OB52 for the company code is open. thanks

The other strange thing is our depreciation document type AF is assigned to number range 02, but in FBN1 for year 2009, it shows 02 9999 2000006---29999999 and no current number. but our depreciation accounting document is 2000007(Jan 2009) to 20000012, why current number is not 20000012? thanks