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Aug 12, 2010 at 04:42 PM

Portal Alias + Master Rules + Portal Desktop + Filter Entry Points



We have a single Portal Installation, but we need to have different Portals for different companies of the same group, so we decided to use Portal Alias, this way we can apply different rules (Portal Desktop) depending on the alias (unfortunately the SAP Portal does not support ServerName as a property), and also filter the TLN entry points (once the same user can access different portals, but depending the portal he is navigating, we should only get the entry points of that portal).

The problem starts when inside the same Browser session, the user decides to jump from one portal to another, at first jump, everything looks ok, the change of portal theme, the framework and the TLN, but if the user decides to jump to another portal or to the first one, at some point, everything starts to get mixed, the theme and framework from one portal and TLN with entry points from all visited portals.

Anyone has an idea how can this be fixed?

To test the scenario just follow this steps:

- Create two Portal Alias (portal/sitea and portal/siteb) in web.xml;

- Create two different Portal Frameworks, for one of them, put TLN with a single level;

- Create two Portal Themes, different colors to get the difference when testing;

- Create two Roles, one for sitea and another for siteb and add some pages (different) to them. For the entry points of the role of sitea, add to the filter property the value "com.sitea" and for siteb entry points "com.siteb";

- Create two Portal Desktops, add the framework and theme of each site and specify the respective filter value

- Add two expression to master rule, using portal alias of each site and the respective portal desktop;

- Create a test user, for example "John", add both roles to the user;

- Access sitea --> should work ok (correct theme, correct framework, correct TLN entry points);

- Inside the same browser session, change the url to --> sometimes it works fine for the first change, so change to sitea again (inside the same browser session), and suddenly everything starts to get mixed.

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