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Aug 12, 2010 at 02:20 PM

Excise duty document with error code-15- table /BEV2/EDMSE after posting.


Hi Experts,

is created in STO process


We are facing the problem in stock transport from plant to plant regarding Excise duty document which can be seen in table /BEV2/EDMSE after posting.

Steps involved in process

1) Creation of PO(STO) ME21N-

2) Creation of outbound delivery and post goods issue- VL10B

3) Posting of GRN goods receipt - MIGO

4) Creatin of excise invoice path is - User menu---> Logistics --->Materials Management --->Excise Duty --->Tools ---> Limted document selection (/BEV2/EDT7)

We are facing problem in creation of excise document , Error is coming while posting and document not getting posted.

Error is -

1 document items processed: 1 tax-relevant, 1 of them rejected

Message no. /BEV2/EDMESS1017


1 material documents were processed.

1 of them were identified as being tax-relevant. They were updated. This involves 1 items that were rejected.


Check and edit the rejected document items by means of the function Rejected documents.

If we check the Rejected documents you will find the error as -

Error 15 GI posting not yet processed/has been rejected

If we check the sucessful posted document with problem document in table /BEV2/EDMSE you will find the stock ledger number field is blank, may be because of this the tax value is not getting calculated.

Please guide to solve the problem.