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Aug 11, 2010 at 10:49 PM

Message no. RSO252


When I collect object in Transport Connect, got this error, please help Thanks!

Object '8CXV3JV4FQR295IVBCHN69QBU' (ROUT) of type 'Routine' is not available in version 'A'

Message no. RSO252


You wanted to generate an object with the name '8CXV3JV4FQR295IVBCHN69QBU' (in transport request ROUT) of type 'Routine' (TLOGO). This is, however, not available in the BW Repository database. It does not exist in the requested version A. If the version is 'D' then it is possible that an error arose during the delivery or installation. If the version is 'A' then the Object was either not created or not activated.

System Response

The object was not taken into account in the next stage of processing.