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Aug 11, 2010 at 01:38 PM

AUC-dep key changed still error persist



For an AUC ,the user has wrongly updated the dep key in theasset master data in May and then they have run depreciation.However when the dep was run,the acc dep account was not set as recon account and hence the Gl was not updated and depreciation throwed an error to restart the depreciation after correcting the error.However in the asset explorer i could see the dep amount as posted though the Gl is not updated.

Finally in the mmonth of July user mentioned that AUC is not to be depreciated and the dep key was changed to 0000,but still in May the asset explorer shows the dep as posted for ex Rs100 (debit) and then as the dep key is changed now in July the dep amount shows Rs100(debit).Now when i try to run the dep fwith restart option for period 5,it throws me same error which was encountered first i.e as below.I cant even run dep for June or July as it says restart in May.But i get same error again.

Please advice.

Account 'Acc.dep. accnt.for ordinary depreciation' could not be found for area 53

Message no. AU133


When creating the accounting document, the system could not find account 'Acc.dep. accnt.for ordinary depreciation' in depreciation area 53 for company code 4072.


Enter this account in the account determination for Asset Accounting.