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Aug 11, 2010 at 12:06 PM

Reading source code for an enhancement implementation.


Looking for a way to read the enhancement source code that we have created using SAP's new enhancement framework.<br>

SAP Standard searching program RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN does not allow us to search enhancement implementation source code, only traditional code. Raising an OSS message about this we were told that this functionality is "out of scope".<br>

<br>In an attempt to write a report that we can use to search all of our enhancement implementation code, I need to be able to load the source code of the enhancement implementations. <br>


The statement "READ REPORT prog INTO itab." does NOT work with enhancement implementations, and so far my digging around in class CL_ENH_TOOL_HOOK_IMPL-> GET_HOOK_IMPLS return variable ENHANCEMENTS-SOURCE looks promising, however I am not sure how to instantiate this, or even if this is possible seeing as this was written for dialog mode. <br>


The enhancement implementations DO show up in REPOSRC table, as program Z_SD001====================E (if the enhancement is called Z_SD001 in this example), however I also do not know of a way to take the DATA rawstring field at the end of the REPOSRC table and convert that into report source code. <br>

<br>Any help or direction in being able to read the source code would be greatly appreciated.

<br><br>Regards, <br>Eugene