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Aug 11, 2010 at 10:28 AM

freeze the column for drilldown.


Hi ,

There is a multi provider which has no of cubes.

One of the cubes has char: profit center, As is PACE profile,target PACE profile

and as-is head count(RKF)

Now in the report, i have profit center and as-is head count in the initial view and As-is PACE profile and target PACE profile in the free chars.

now my requiremnt is whenever I add As-is PACE in the report ,As is head count should change according to that.But when i add target PACE profile then As-is head count should not change.It should still show the value for as-is PACE profile.So my requirement is to ignore the drilldown of target PACE profile in the report and retain the changed values for as-is PACE profile.In other words. As-is headcount will never change for the target PACE profile.

Does it require anything in the cionstant selection of the RKF?

Please help me in this dregard.