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Aug 11, 2010 at 08:02 AM

How to dynamically include textelement in smartforms


Hi Experts,

I need to print payslip using smartform and need to take the values from pay99_result.

I took all the values and filled in the internal table and passed to smart forms, but the requirement is when ever particular wage type is given for an employee only that wage type only printed in the smart forms output. we have 87 wage types.

I designed the layout using table in window and created several table line, in the salray details table line rows values descripiton should come dynamically according to the particular month credited(affected) wage types.

This is the salary details line item .

desc amount annual semi annual deduction amount

textelement1 textelement2 textelement3 ... . . . .. ...

Inn single text element multiple coloumn need to come.

using this text element respective values should come dynamically, i tried condition in the text element , but if condition failed (no values for wage types) whole coloumn is not displaying but for me only that row should not printed.

Any one please guide me how to approach on this issue and how to pass the text element value dynamically ???

With Regards,