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Former Member
Aug 10, 2010 at 07:19 PM

F110 incorrectly grants cash discount to direct debit customers



I am running F110 to execute direct debits for certain customers in Europe. Everything works fine except for one "error"

it consistently include cash discounts on customer invoices which are way past net due date. F110 run date = 8/10/10, next run date 09/10/10. And yes, additional logs in the F110 parameters are set. See excerpt from display log below:

Due date determination additional log

Document 8130000238 line item 001 via EUR 300.00

Terms of payment: 07/01/2010 10 3.000 % 30 0.000 % 0

Customer receivable is payable on 07/11/2010 with cash discount terms 1

Include customer items due by 09/10/2010

Item should be paid now

Item is due with 3.000 % cash discount

All other invoices are calculated correctly. For the above, the cash discount base is set correctly What could be wrong?