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SAP PPM Feasibility Queries

Hello Team,

Please help to assist me in this queries.

Scenario - In our PPM, We are configuring the following integration, PPM Item -> Project creation (PS) based on template
Portfolio 1 - Item Type 1 -> Customer fields
Field A
Field B
Field C

Portfolio 2 - Item Type 2 -> Customer fields (Same fields)

Field A (Grey - Non editable)
Field B (Grey - Non editable)

Field C (Hide)

Query 1 - We have 2 portfolio's and each one have 1 Item type, We need to add business related fields (Customer fields) same in both portfolio, for one item type, these are required to be editable, for second one, these will be grayed out and few will require to be hide. (Not required).
We added fields in Item table (/rpm/Item_d), Now, please advise if further settings can be done through standard settings or development is required ?? fetch fields, gray out, display and hide based on item type.
I can see override fields settings but that settings are global, not based on item type. I have been told these can be done in standard, please confirm what is the way to do that ??

Query 2. How these Business Specific fields (Item - Custom Component Tab) can be transferred to PS (Custom Enhancement Tab), Can it be done through Item attributes synchronization ?? if not, does it require development, if yes, please advise which one would be useful.

please confirm the feasibility.


Gaurav Ahuja

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3 Answers

  • Feb 28 at 06:52 AM

    Hi Gaurav,

    For query 1, yes this is possible by standard customizing. Please refer to 'Portfolio dependent settings-->Define Portfolio Types' where you have options to restrict fields specific to portfolio & item type as well.

    For query 2, trying customization under DFM-->Attribute sync-->Maintain field mappings. In the PS object field selection, there are already user fields available which can be used as well.



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  • Feb 28 at 04:14 PM

    Hi Ravi,

    Through these configurations, I can not hide or enable based on item type. Portfolio type setting is global setting and item override has only required (mandatory) option.

    For my second query,

    I can not see PS custom fields in this field mapping, one point, PPM server is in separate box, any change in object link required, or I am lookin for right config, please confirm

    In source fields, I can see custom fields but not in target fields.

    1a.png (30.4 kB)
    1b.png (20.1 kB)
    1d.png (81.9 kB)
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  • Mar 22 at 04:19 PM

    Hi Gaurav,

    Just in case you have not yet solved.

    Query 1) Item Type wise configuration is possible by standard, you do not need to perform custom development. Please use the node "Portfolio Items Override" and choose your Portfolio Type and Item Type (to solve the hide field feature for Field C).

    However, if you create two Portfolio Type and then create 2 portfolios and using the same item type, you can achieve by standard where users will not know about as Portfolio Types are not shown to users.

    Query 2 : This is also an be done by standard. Make sure you have define the scenario for "

    Maintain Attributes for Synchronization Scenarios" with PS Project (PPO with PO). If standard PS field then it will appear if valid RFC connection is there.

    Hope this helps.



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