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Former Member
Aug 10, 2010 at 04:58 PM

RFC Trust Relationship - Authentication


Hello Experts,

Could anyone tell me what really happens behind the scenes when you setup the RFC Trust Relationship on ABAP systems?

Do the trusted system certifcate imported to the trusting system?

Do the systems exchange the certificates/keys while authentication?

Is there any help document available giving more details about what happens behind the scenes of RFC trust relationship configuration and how the single sign on possible?

One on-site consultant said that the systems exchange the certificates, and another consultant said that they exchange keys and the data is encrypted. If there is no SNC enabled how is the data is encrypted.

And also I do not see the trusted system certificate in trusting system "certifcate list".

My assumption is adding 2 systems to RFC trust relationship neither adds trusted system certificate into the trusting system nor exchange keys between systems for RFC Call. The calling system(trusted system) gets authenticated based on S_RFCACL authorization in trusting system.

Please share your thoughts or any relevant help documents