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Aug 10, 2010 at 02:34 PM



Hi All,

I am trying to update some custom fields while creating an order using the mentioned BAPI.

It is all being done through EXTENSIONIN structure....

Now....we are facing a small issue.....the program is giving us warning message which is as follows:

"After a structure enhancement, assignment or comparison may no longer be permitted. syntactically incorrect"

This warning message is being shown at the below location...dont know why

    gs_bapi_extn+30 = gs_bape_vbak.
    APPEND gs_bapi_extn TO gt_bapi_extn.

The BAPE_VBAK strucutre was enhanced to include new fields....the enhancement category for the same is 'Can be enhanced char or numeric field'.

We tried changing the enhancement category to 'Cannot be enhanced' still didnt work and we feel that it is wrong since it should be allowed to enhanc