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Aug 10, 2010 at 01:29 PM

HTMLtemplate for custom fields - dynamic behaviour after input (Jscript)


Hi all gurus,

I'm working on an SRM3 and must modify a pre-existing html template (SAPLBBP_PDH_CUF 100) to manage the behaviour of two fields:

- ZZ0LEGGE, which is a checkbox (CHAR1, or flag);

- ZZ0DESCR, which is a text field which describes the above flag (fixed values, and a search help is defined on it).

I'd like to manage a behaviour as follows:

- if ZZ0LEGGE is flagged (='X'), then ZZ0DESCR should be available for input;

- if ZZ0LEGGE is blank, then ZZ0DESCR should be only visible but not editable. Moreover, if ZZ0LEGGE is blank, ZZ0DESCR should be cleaned (= blank).

The template is a bit complicated and I'm absolutely a newbie on Javascript. Please forgive me, I 'm not able to post HTML/JavaScript on the forum. I pasted relevant (imho) snippets of code here: []

I omitted a lot of the template... but maybe this is sufficient to get an idea.

Edited by: Matteo Montalto on Aug 10, 2010 3:31 PM