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Aug 10, 2010 at 01:10 PM

Entry of profit center when distributing customer payment differences


Hello all--

When making payments, our customers often take deductions that are not identified to a specific item. There may be many such deductions for a large payment. We use the "Post Incoming Payments Distribute difference" page for the entry of these deductions. Our problem is that the each deduction may apply to a different profit center (in our case, a sales division). For example, we may have 5 different deductions. Two deductions may apply to one profit center, 2 may apply to another profit center, and one may apply to yet a third profit center. Currently, the page we see only has the amount, reason code, short text, reference key1, and reference key2. Since we are not able to enter the profit center, all of the deductions are associated with the one profit center entered on the payment. This distorts the aging amounts for each profit center.

I would like to be able to add the profit center as a column on the "Post Incoming Payments Distribute difference" page. Other alternatives would certainly be entertained. I did find one related post in this forum that leads me to believe that standard SAP does not support the addition of new fields to this screen, but may be possible via a customization.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding an efficient way to enter the profit center for customer payment deductions.

One idea I have considered is to use substitution for the profit center based on a value entered in reference key1 or reference key2. Is this a viable\reasonable solution?

Thanks for your input.

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