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Table Actual owner in the repository tables for daily table statistics

Hi , We are going to generate operational dashboard on the daily table load statistics.

I used the below query to get the statistics.

SELECT PIVOT1.* FROM ( SELECT TABLE_NAME,TABLE_OWNER,TABLE_ATTR,TABLE_ATTR_VALUE FROM ALVW_TABLEATTR) AS SOURCE PIVOT ( MAX(SOURCE.TABLE_ATTR_VALUE) FOR SOURCE.TABLE_ATTR IN ('Date_last_loaded' AS Date_last_loaded , 'Total_Number_Of_Rows_Processed' AS Total_Number_Of_Rows_Processed, 'Number_Of_Rows_Rejected' AS Number_Of_Rows_Rejected, 'Number_Of_Inserts' AS Number_Of_Inserts, 'Number_Of_Updates' AS Number_Of_Updates,'Number_Of_Deletes' AS Number_Of_Deletes, 'Elapsed_Time_For_Load' AS Elapsed_Time_For_Load,'Loader_Is_Template_Table' AS Loader_Is_Template_Table) ) AS PIVOT1

But ALVW_TABLEATTR owner had only alias name and not the actual owner name. I have checked AL_DBNAME_MAPPING table but it contains only active db configuration details not remaining one. I have similar schema for more than 30 sites . So I created one data store and created the aliases instead of multiple datastores. So ALVW_TABLEATTR table holding owner as alias name instead of actual owner name. In this case how can I know particular table is belong to which site if it is giving only alias name. Could you please provide the information where the actual owner stores for that ETL execution.

Thanks & Regards, Venkata Ramana Paidi

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