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Aug 09, 2010 at 01:09 PM

WIP - Raw Material Consumption


Dear SAP Experts,

I have a scenario in which Raw Ink is procured from the supplier and mixed with solvents inhouse in the factory, this mixed ink is then issued to the production process.

The issue what i am having is from the costing angle,

1. Cost of the mixed ink is a derive quantity of the percentage of the solid contents of the raw ink and the percentage of the solvents used to make the mix ink.

2. The part of consumption which needs to be booked against the production order has to be the price for 20% of the Raw Ink ( for example) and 30 % solvents then the price for the consumption which has to be booked is Mixed Ink Price = 20% of Purchased Price of Raw Ink + 30 % of the purchases price of the solvents which has to be consumed.

3. Ink has a dry weight and based on the dry weight the price of the mixed ink is derived.

Have looked into options of Mvmt Type 309 - But that will not work in this case as the entire price of the raw ink will be converted which is not the case.

Kindly help me in this regards and please let me know if Receipes will work in this context.


Swagat Panda