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Aug 09, 2010 at 11:47 AM

Introduction to SAP web-services


Apologies if the content of this post seem way too basic for the forum but I've been finding that lots of the available documentation assumes more knowledge than I have and was hoping somebody here might be able to very quickly point me in the right direction.

My situation is this - I've been tasked with integrating my companies software product with a theoretical SAP CRM system, effectively I have to set-up our software so that any future clients can link our software to a SAP CRM by entering as little information about their SAP system as possible and requiring no further (or again, as little as possible) customisation by us. Our system has specific integration points at which it can connect to a CRM system, to search for a retrieve customer information, to submit and create cases (if a customer interaction has been recorded in our software rather than directly in SAP) and to update existing cases.

So my question is does a SAP CRM system provide any standard web-service type interfaces that would support those kind of interactions and that I could configure against expecting most/all SAP instances to support? And, if so, where can I find information about those interfaces?

So far the documentation around Netweaver and XI/PI that I've read seem to specifically talk about custom web-services configured and defined by a SAP user, meaning that each SAP instance could have a completely different set of web-services available and I couldn't work against any assumed default, is this the case?