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Aug 09, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Utilization(J2IUN) in case of Sales plant and Mfg plants are different



we are having two company codes 1000 and 2000,

1000 is having the Manufturing plant- 1000

2000 is having the sales plant - 2000

Both the plant are having the same excise group-10

The company will procure a materials in 1000 plant and CENVAT is credited at 1000 Plant. The 1000 plant never dispatch materials to customers, The company want to take Monthly utilization from 2000 company code and 2000 plant.

The company first make STO from 1000 plant to 2000 (Inter company STO), then 2000 company will sell that material to customer or delear or etc.

Manufaturing plant and disptach plants are different

How to take utilization in above said scenario.


sapman man