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Aug 09, 2010 at 10:00 AM

WDDOEXIT not getting called as close my application


Hi Experts,

I have written some logic in method WDDOEXIT of my application. If I run my application directly using URL(means through NWDS) and close my application or Refresh my application, WDDOEXIT gets call on the same moment. But if I run my application through enterprise portal then WDDOEXIT of my application gets called after 1000 sec. I guess its happening so because I have set expiration time as 1000. If I reduce it to 100 then WDDOEXIT is getting called after 100 seconds only and I if I don't set this parameter at all then it takes random time. I want that WDDOEXIT of my application should be called as I close application or refresh my application.

Please suggest.