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Former Member
Aug 09, 2010 at 09:41 AM

Pipe in Expansion does not expand BAS members for all KeyRanges


Hi all,

I created a simple report to input some figures (in this case currency translation rates). I would like to add the different figures per period (BAS members of selected time period) and would like to have the different input currencies separated using the PIPE within the expansion parameters (rf. screenshot):

I would expect the following result after expanding (rf. screenshot):

What I get is the following; for the first KeyRange the BAS members are listed from JAN to DEC. the other KeyRanges only show the JAN 12 times (rf. screenshot ):

Does anyone have an idea? I already tried to modify the expansion from BAS to BAS|BAS|BAS, but the result is the same.

Thanks in advance and best regards


Using: BPC 7.5 for Microsoft