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Aug 07, 2010 at 06:09 PM

SAP FICO placements


Dear all,

I want to do a SAP FICO certification course.

I went thru a lot of articles in this talk forum, which has been very informative.

I have a few questions/ doubts. Can somebody answer and help?

1. Is it first of all necessary to do a Certification course itself? I enquired around and many people

suggested Siemens, but 3.5 lakhs is very expensive. My doubt is, I have an ICWA qualification and am

currently working as part of the Statutory Audit team for an Automotive company, which uses SAP.

We have only 'view' access, but I can reasonably navigate thru the various modules.

So, is it necessary to get a Certificate at all. Is it not possible to get a SAP FICO consultant job with

one's knowledge of SAP screens and domain? Can somebody help me in answering this query?

2. Assuming a Certificate IS necessary and would be definitely VALUABLE in landing a good job,

is there any other way to sit for this exam other than thru Siemens/ other institutes? If a Certificate

is all that matters, surely there MUST be SOME way to get oneself certified, without having to spend

3 lakhs. Please advise

3. I went across to Siemens, Bangalore about joining their program. They seemed confident (a bit TOO confident)

that they'd be able to place me in a month or two. Iam trying to get in touch with somebody who has gone thru

this course with Siemens. Does anyone know whether they have actually placed people/ help in placements,

as they claim? Or is it all just an eyewash? If there is someone, pls give me an email/ mobile no.

4. Also, can you please clarify what EXACTLY does a SAP FICO consultant DO in an organisation?

What is their role or job responsibilities?

5. Can anyone suggest a few companies which hire SAP FICO freshers? I have gone thru quite a few

job sites and EVERYONE asks for atleast 2 implementations. I mean, only if one GETS IN, can we talk about

completing an implementation. It looks like GETTING IN itself is a big problem

Is it WISE to invest so much money?

I'd not mind if it were to give good returns

Kindly reply to my LONG mail.

I'd feel most grateful