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Former Member
Aug 06, 2010 at 10:44 PM

SPC Chart function setPropertyValue("ShowXAxis") broken?



Using 12.1 SP6 but have the same problem in SP4.

I have an SPC chart being plotted for a variable amount of data. If there are less than ~75 batches I want to show the X axis with the batch numbers, if I have more than 75 batches I want to disable the X axis because the x axis label runs together and is completely unreadable.

I tried dynamically setting the boolean for ShowXAxis in the irpt page and it took no effect. Is this functionality broken or is something wrong with the syntax? It didn't throw any errors when I tried it...

The exact command used was document.SPCChart.setPropertyValue("ShowXAxis",false);

Additionally, starting in SP6 if I change a parameter in a display template in the workbench and save the template and reload the page then the saved change does not take effect. In SP4 all that was needed was to reload the page but in SP6 I seem to need to clear my java cache before a change to a display template takes effect. I'm not sure how dynamic setting of display template property values will work if this is the case?

Any options here?