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Aug 06, 2010 at 01:00 PM

Internal HU Postings in WM



Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm a first time poster here.

I'm looking for help for a problem we have in our company within WM. We have HU management installed, but it seems to cause us an issue when doing the following 2 things:

1. Reversal of a VAS production order.

After the components are picked and TO's confirmed into storage type VAS, occasionally we need to reverse these picks due to cancellation of customer orders. However it seems that the HU Object Key becomes set to the production order number (table VEKP, fields VPOBJ and VPOBJKEY) and we can do nothing else except GI the component to the order. This means that to correct our stock to the physical situation, we can only process the order to completion, receive the finished goods, then stock adjust them off, before adjusting on the original component again.

Has anyone encountered this before or have any other solution to this that doesn't involve impacting on our absolute stock adjustment values?

2. Reversal of stock in 999.

This is a similar issue I believe - once a HU has moved into 999 (either through an inventory count discrepancy, or through a TO difference), the HU cannot be moved out of there again, it can only be written off the system. This means if we difference, for example, 100pcs into 999 and then find them subsequently elsewhere, instead of just moving the HU of 100pcs from 999 back into a storage bin, we have to write the stock off then adjust on again, which again impacts on our absolute adjustment values.

Again, can anyone help?

Best regards,