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Feb 22, 2019 at 11:48 AM

Is there an alternative for Eclipse/ADT to workbench-related user exits like EXIT_SAPLSEDD_001?


Hi Folks!

We have a restriction in place that DDIC-objects need to be maintained via special user-IDs instead of our own. To ensure this, checks are active in the dev-systems via CMOD SEDD0001 and EXIT_SAPLSEDD_001 which gets executed whenever transactions like SE11 or SE80 with DDIC-activities are in play.

While trying out some things in Eclipse (Neon) just now, I nonetheless managed to create a data-element with my own user-ID and - as already checked via placing a breakpoint in the exit's include ZXSEUU19 - the exit wasn't accessed.

If these user-exits are "GUI-only" what is the alternative to them for Eclipse/ADT, if any?

We are on NW 750 with SP13