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Aug 05, 2010 at 03:51 PM

Setting default value in dropdown UI when navigating between 2 views


Hi friends,

I have 2 views. V1 and V2. Each view has one dropdownbyindex UIs having employee id. Both Dropdowns points to same node. i.e I have created a node in component controller and did context mapping with V1 and V2.I am able to populate the data in the dropdowns in wddoinit of component controller.

Another table is available in V1 which hold employee details. On select of a particular employee details (say emp1), I would need to navigate to V2 and set the default value in the dropdown as emp1.

Could you please give me some inputs on how to set the dafault value in this case? i.e dropdown in V2 is already populated, but default value needs to be set. I cant set with the index, since table index is totally different from the dropdowns.