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Graphs in Smartforms using Internal Table Data and Mailing Required

Hi Experts,

Requirement is either to display graphs using Smartforms using Internal Table data and mailing it to external mail id's in PDF Format or Converting Graphs to PDF and Mailing it to External Email Id's using ABAP Program.

Thanks in Advance

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  • Why do you need to do this? Smartforms are meant to be used to send documents or notifications from SAP. E.g. to send an order confirmation to a customer, PO to a vendor and such. I'm having hard time imagining why would anyone require a graph to be sent from SAP?

    If anyone is serious about their analytics then use a solution like Lumira. They produce quite awesome visuals without any ABAP. Doesn't even cost that much.

  • I had a request recently to estimate effort to get a simple bar chart on a heating/water bill. Being able to actually bill the new product turned out to be more important, for the time being :)

  • Ah, makes sense, thanks. Our water bill has a bar chart too but our town doesn't use SAP. :) I guess Adobe forms would be more suitable in this case and also more "future-proof". But had no need to do this myself so far.

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    Dec 03, 2016 at 10:19 AM

    This is not possible in Smartforms without either modifications in Smartform (SAP Script) runtime enviroment or considerable custom development.

    Smartforms support BMP (or TIFF) images stored statically in Business Document Server (BDS). The people have been posting over the years solutions involving storing BMPs in BDS using SAP's internal "APIs" (search the archive, here is one example), but converting and storing them is slow (and the built in converter is... not very sophisticated).

    So ideally one would have to somehow bypass BDS and feed the image data to smartform (in internal OTF format) dynamically.

    Getting the charts is actually the easiest part: NW has charter interface. Converting the resulting images to 8bpp bitmap and getting them to smartform... not easy at all.

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    Dec 05, 2016 at 04:37 AM

    Hello Janis,

    Thanks for the answer. Is there any other way to send multiple graphs to external email id using PDF Format.

    How we can convert a module pool screen with graphs to a spool and further convert it to PDF Format and mail it to external mail id.

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    • Printing module pool screen - not sure at all...

      If it must be a pdf and Adobe Forms are already in use, I'd try them (have no experience with them and can't really advise, but I think Adobe Form can take in image data).

      Otherwise, especially if there is no requirement to print, I'd not involve SAP spool system at all, and would try to look for 3rd party tool.