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Feb 21, 2019 at 10:41 AM

Best practice 1809 "Fully activated appl." -> integration issue for planned orders pp/ds and hana

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Hello community,

we have a SAP CAL Best Practice for S/4 HANA 1809 installation using the "fully activated appliance". So we have a HANA 1809 system with embedded PP/DS. As per my understanding, all setup is done automatically and the packages should work. However, I encounter a MRP issue when planning product FG126 for BP script BJ5 ("Make-to-Stock Production - Discrete Manufacturing"). I hope someone here can help and has the final hint on what is wrong in our installation, i.e. what exactly is missing in configuration.

I execute a planning run for FG126 via MD01N tile, but the planned orders are not transferred back from ERP to PP/DS. I can see the new planned orders in MD04, but the planned orders in PP/DS have no numbers, so the information is not transferred back to PP/DS, thus these planned orders are not linked together. If I do another planning run in MD01N, new pl-ord are created in MD04 and once again of course are not transferred back to PP/DS.

This is the scenario:

start situation is the following for product FG126:

1) MD04:

2) Product view:

Now I start a new planning run in MD01N with following parameters:

However, here I receive only a strange error message and no info when I click the appropriate button:

Product view and MD04 now look like this:

As you see, the planned orders in PP/DS have no numbers. They are not linked to the ones in MD04 - because when I execute a new planning run with MD01N, I have the same situation on product view but it looks like this in MD04:

so obviously PP/DS transfers new planned orders to ERP side. When I now execute the compare transaction /SAPAPO/CCR I see also that they are not linked together:

When I try to send them to R/3 from here I get again the same error "Multi-level error propagation carried out". Via debugging (by setting variable iv_show_immediatly to „X“ manually in /SAPAPO/OM_MESSAGES_LC_STORE) I was able to show the actual error on screen: /SAPAPO/OM082 „the order has no activities“.

No wonder – technical analysis: function module /SAPAPO/RRP_LC_ORDER_CHANGE was called by function /SAPAPO/DM_CP_PROCESS without the internal table of activities and therefore function /SAPAPO/OM_ORDER_CHANGE lateron throws exception (SUBRC) 3 „lc_appl_error“). Hm…

The thing is… the planned order created by the heuristic HAS activities… what exactly does the message mean then? And why is it now shown, instead we receive this multi-level propagating thing.

Anyway… It seems we have an issue to send a planned order from ERP to PP/DS. However, the strange thing is – this works when I do a MD02 in ERP (I know I’m not supposed to on a part which has „extended planning“ flag set), the planned order which was created by the MRP is then transferred to PP/DS – WITH its number! See here:

This planned order with number is created in PP/DS and HAS activities, it looks totally fine. So in general the communcation from ERP to PP/DS is working, it is just the back-and-forth-communication which seems to be broken.

Does anyone have an idea where to look to solve this issue?