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SRM 4 - SRM 7 Upgrade questions.

Dear All,

Were currently in the process of creating a sandpit environment for a forthcoming upgrade project, of which one of the projects is moving SRM v4 to SRM 7 along with ECC5/ECC6.

We have SAP Portal installed and have successfully upgraded SRM 4 to 7 in a test environment, (Trex & ipc etc installed ).

The question is what next ?

We are using classic SRM , Shopping carts for requisition creation, and P/O in the back end R3 system and workflow approval.

As were now moving onto webdynpro technology, how to i access the shopping cart so to speak ? How to i test to see if the upgrade has worked from sicf - just testing etc. ?

I know the transactions BBPPSC02 etc are available via the ITS, but how to i access the new versions ?

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 05, 2010 at 11:34 PM


    Your SRM system is a SRM 7.0 and this release uses Webdynpro technology, ITS is not used anymore. So, service BBPSC02 is not relevant for SRM 7.0.

    Refer to the following topics in these guides:

    SRM 7.0 Master Guide:


    3.1.4 Implementation Sequence (Page 23)

    This section lists the sequence of steps (installation, technical configuration, application configuration) required to implement the business scenario. Rows containing optional components are shaded. The scenario can function without these optional components; but they do provide additional functions.

    9 - Install SAP NetWeaver 7.01 . Enterprise Portal. [Master Guide . SAP NetWeaver 7.01]. The use of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal is mandatory. It is required for the integration of SAP SRM into a workset.

    SAP SRM 7.0 Migration Guide


    • Introduction

    The main technology changes in SAP SRM 7.0 are:

    - Upgraded User Interface, from ITS to WebDynpro

    - Portal

    - New process-controlled Workflow

    - POWL (Personal Object Worklist)

    - Item Hierarchies for Service Procurement

    - New and obsolete BAdIs

    - New SOA communication

    1.2 Comparison of SAP SRM 5.0/4.0 and SAP SRM 7.0 (Page 7)

    A brief overview of the changes between SRM 7.0 and older releases is given below:

    The new SAP SRM 7.0 architecture is completely object-oriented and modular in nature. With this change, and improved extensibility features, it is easier to modify and extend the behaviour of delivered SAP SRM standard functions.

    A brief description of all the changes and additions to SAP SRM 7.0 are given in the following table:

    User Interface (WD ABAP) (Page 9)

    The old ITS UI in SAP SRM 5.0 and earlier releases has been replaced by a new ABAP WebDynpro UI in SAP SRM 7.0. This new UI offers numerous personalization and customization options.

    *2.1.1 Purpose of this chapter (Page 11)

    This chapter outlines the most important changes for the Enterprise Portal in SAP SRM 7.0. In previous versions of SAP SRM, the portal was always optional, which means that most of the tasks could also be processed with the ITS. In SAP SRM 7.0, the use of the Enterprise Portal is mandatory, as it is fully integrated into the solution.

    According to these guides the used technology for SRM 7.0 is the Webdynpro. So due this you are not finding the templates. They are not used for the Webdynpro applications.

    Additionally, note below provides some information about the BP behaviour when upgrading SRM system:

    1178470 - BP for SRM 7.0: Additional upgrade / migration information

    You can follow these guides in order to check all your system configuration.

    I hope it helps.

    Kind regards,


    Edited by: Ricardo Cavedini on Aug 6, 2010 1:34 AM

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