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Dec 03, 2016 at 06:34 AM

vendor evaluation price level not updating


Hi Guys,

I have Configured Vendor Evaluation

Maintained Price,Quality, Delivery

Sub criteria

Price level, Price history,Market behaviour

and also sub criteria for Quality and Delivery

maintained weighting as 1 for 3 criterias

maintained points score for the criteria price

4 Automatic Determination from Purch. Statistics: Price Level some scores

i have also maintained market price in MEKH

me61 also working

i go for ME63 it is not updating for Price level and History

i have created 30 POs with Diff prices less than market price equal to High

and i have caliculated formula marketprice-effeprice*100/marketprice and given the same prices in PO and done GR

Still it is not Updating Price level and I have Deleted the scores for Delivery and Quality in config tried only taking price still the Price level is not updating

Pls Tell me how my Price level that i have to do changes or this config is wrong pls tell me



maincriteria.jpg (20.9 kB)
sub.jpg (21.5 kB)
weighting.jpg (16.4 kB)
scores.jpg (24.7 kB)
market.jpg (26.6 kB)
me61.jpg (40.7 kB)
me63.jpg (56.6 kB)