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Aug 05, 2010 at 07:42 AM

IDOC Processing Inbound / Outbound


Hi Experts !!

As part of EDI Inbound processing our process is as follows.

1. EDI 850 files are created by EDI sub-system ( Sitting in differerent Environment ) and those file are trasfered to 'INBOX' folder on R/3 server using FTP file server.

2. A batch job ( for ex: EDI850_ORDERS ) executes every 15 minutes to process the files from 'INBOX' folder using the Custom ABAP program ZWRAP_RSEINB00. The program uses standard SAP inbound EDI file processing program 'RSEINB00' to process the file and try posting it into SAP. If the file is successfully posted then the file is deleted.

Here in this case client's requirement is once idoc file is processed archive the Idoc file from INBOX folder to 850_ARCHIVE folder on Application Server itself and NOT delete the file.

We have suggested that

Our Approach: As FTP is already in place, FTP the the files from EDI Substem to R/3 (INBOX) as well as on ARCHIVE folder even before IDOCs are processed so as to make sure Archival process is in place.

Client's Approach: Client suggests to Archival be handled from SAP and NOT through FTP.

Keeping performance and architecture in view kindly suggest which will the right approach.

Is it good to handle it from FTP / SAP !?

Or is there any other better approach to handle this!!? Please advice !!!!

Similarly Archival is required in case of Outbound as well for (810) !! suggestions appreciated !!

Thanks in advance,


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