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Aug 05, 2010 at 06:12 AM

required information on Subtotals in Pricing Procedures


Hi All,

I want more information on Subtotals assignment in pricing procedure,

I am designing a new pricing procedure and I have assigned all necessaty condition types , requiremtns, Account keys etc but I am not getting a proper total. For that I need sub total assignment

My pricing procedure is as below

Cond A---- 100$

Mat Value === Same a Cond A value what will be Subtotal ?

Cond B------ 20$

Cond C 30$

Cond D 10$

Value Add == Cond BCD what will be subtotal ?

List Prise= Mat Value + Value add what will be subtotal ?

Cond E------ 10$

Discount What will be subtotal?

Cond F------ 10$

Tax what will be subtotal?

All conditon will be totla value

Total -

say 200$ what will be subtotal ?