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in smartforms what ever data i am fetching it automatically get converted into CAPS. I don't want this.


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  • "Ever data" is quite generic, do you know?
    Even Numbers or dates are "data", so I do not understand how they could be in capital :)
    • You are not sharing any technical info.
    • You are not providing any specific issue (are you including text objects? are you reading a variable and print it into a text element?)
    • You are not telling us from WHERE your "data" comes from (long text? a table field?)
    • You are not telling us what did you try until now.

    Give all the points above, it's impossible for us to help you.

    Try to write a good question, with all the infos we can use to understand your issue: good questions get good answers.

  • I agree, you should really provide some information (I didn't write more)

    AFAIK you could be currently testing the Smartform when calling the generated FM, and forgot to check the lowercase box on SE37 test dynpro...

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 20, 2019 at 09:48 AM

    As Simone Milesi said "good questions get good answers"

    Just to add that "bad questions get longshot answers or even none".

    As my longshot, check the fields that you are using to "hold" your data, probably your are ending up on domains without Lowercase enabled.

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