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Aug 04, 2010 at 06:55 PM

Upgrade ecc5 to ecc6 on 32 bit - then migrate to 64 bit


A quick question.

We are planning for an upgrade from ecc6, win 2003, sqlserver 2005, clustered. Our ultimate goal is to go to ECC6 on 64-bit hardware and virtualize. I need to explain a couple of different scenarios for an upgrade and the process in general to a group of management and infrastructure folks next week. Specifically I need to be able to explain the upgrade of ecc5 to ecc6 in the current hardware environment, (the new hardware may not be here in time), then migrate that version to the 64-bit version.

As I understand it the "migrate" is a system copy from the 32-bit system on to the 64-bit system. I've done a system copy from our current system to a sandbox of the same installation.

What I'm not yet quite clear on is doing the copy from the 32-bit to a 64-bit system. Would I need to download and install the ECC6 product for 64-bit? I could not use the product install files that we will have for the 32-bit version correct?

Eventually they would like to bring SAP into the virtual environment they are planning. I understand it isn't yet supported (soon...) on Windows 2008 R2, so we wouldn't go directly there. Currently we are using Microsoft clustering for HA option. I would expect to keep that until such time as a move to the virtual is an option.

Any advice or clarifications you may have are very welcome.

Laurie McGinley