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Former Member
Aug 04, 2010 at 01:34 PM

SRM 7 SP 5 expression change causes runtime failure


Within a Process Schema I have an expression that checks whether the Overall value of a Shopping Cart is greater than zero (Overall value > 0) to perform a certain task and this works fine.

The business now require this task to be performed when the value is zero or greater - if I change the formula to reflect this (Overall value >= 0) or (Overall value > 0 OR Overall value = 0) then the application fails when attempting to select items for the shopping cart. The error is "An exception has occurred".

Other expressions within the schema identify when the Overall value is within certain ranges (e.g. (Overall value > 5000 AND Overall value <= 50000), and one other checks for (Overall value > 0).

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this please?

Many thanks in advance