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Aug 04, 2010 at 07:55 AM

BRSPACE Log File Generated with Wrong User.



I am trying to drop the tablespace in our BW development system, which has zero objects in it to gain some space for DB.

While dropping the tablespace I am experiencing the following error.

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2010-08-04 14.37.38

BR0370I Directory /oracle/GBW/sapreorg/seduzpnw created

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2010-08-04 14.37.38

BR0301E SQL error -1580 at location BrCtlCopy-1, SQL statement:

'/* BRSPACE */ ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO '/oracle/GBW/sapreorg/seduzpnw/cntrlGBW.old''

ORA-01580: error creating control backup file /oracle/GBW/sapreorg/seduzpnw/cntrlGBW.old

ORA-27040: file create error, unable to create file

HPUX-ia64 Error: 13: Permission denied

BR0320E Copying of control file to /oracle/GBW/sapreorg/seduzpnw/cntrlGBW.old failed

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2010-08-04 14.37.38

BR0700E Fatal errors occurred - terminating processing...

BR1020I Number of tablespaces processed: 0

BR1004E BRSPACE function 'tsdrop' failed

BR1008I End of BRSPACE processing: seduzpnw.tsd 2010-08-04 14.37.38

After checking the error, I have checked and observed that the BRTOOLS is creating new directory under /oracle/<sid>/sapreorg (/oracle/GBW/sapreorg) directory.

This new directory is owned by the user gbwadm and not by oragbw. For example,

drwxr-xr-x 2 gbwadm sapsys 96 Aug 4 14:38 seduzpnw

To check this problem, I have also checked the permission of the BRTOOLS files in the kernel directory and permissions are as follows and I think those are correct.

-rwsrwxr-x 1 oragbw sapsys 12551128 Apr 9 2009 brarchive

-rwsrwxr-x 1 oragbw sapsys 12982464 Apr 9 2009 brbackup

-rwsrwxr-x 1 oragbw sapsys 16001264 Apr 9 2009 brconnect

-rwxr-xr-x 1 gbwadm sapsys 13360792 Apr 9 2009 brrecover

-rwxr-xr-x 1 gbwadm sapsys 3724792 Apr 9 2009 brrestore

-rwxr-xr-x 1 gbwadm sapsys 16456192 Apr 9 2009 brspace

-rwsrwxr-x 1 gbwadm sapsys 5587248 Apr 9 2009 brtools

Not able to find-out the cause of the wrong owner. Hence, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

Nishchal Nagre.