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Dec 02, 2016 at 10:13 PM

Rolling 12 Months data Even though Months do not exists should show Month.


capture.pngHello Guru's,

This question must have been asked multiple times but in accordance of Calmonth/Calday/Year. However in my requirement I need to show rolling 12 months data current month -3, Current Month and current Month+8 months based on Valid To Month . This works fine with offset variable but what if the data for that Valid To Month does not exisits? Offset variable restricts within that range but does not show month for which data does not exists. My report is based on Valid To Date so there are chances that some months data won't exist because none are expiring in that month. I tired using RKF's and creating structure still it does not work because the particular months data might not exists and my Bar graph on front end(Webi) breaks because instead of 12 bars now it shows only 11 bars. Please let me know How can we show 12 months rolling even though data for some month might not exist?

Attached is snapshot for bar chart showing only 10 months, Any help appreciated.




capture.png (18.7 kB)