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Aug 03, 2010 at 08:59 AM

Solaris patching issue


Hello all,

We are running Solaris 10.

AS part of the Oracle upgrade from to, we had to upgrade some OS patches, one of which was 119963-10

My Unix admin upgraded this to version 119963-20. A few days later, and while all was working ok until then, we realised

that a backup failed. Searching deeper, we found out that executables like sapxpg, tp etc were failing with messages

relating to

and so did showrev -p

showrev -p | grep 119963 showrev: fatal: ./ unknown file type

sapxpg sapxpg: fatal: /usr/lib/64/ unknown file type

tp -v tp: fatal: /usr/lib/64/ unknown file type

My Unix admin backed out the patch (back to 10) and he was able to run showrev -p and commands like sapxpg, tp-v etc.

He then installed 119963-21 and again, things ran fine for a few days, until we hit the same issue

root@bwpda001 # showrev -p | grep 119963 showrev: fatal: ./ unknown file type

Here is the output of ldd tp as well

bwpda001:bwpadm 3% ldd tp => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /usr/lib/64/ => /usr/lib/64/ (SUNW_1.1) => (version not found) => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ (SUNW_1.4) => (version not found) => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/



Any ideas what might be causing this?