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Aug 02, 2010 at 05:21 PM

Auropean format instead American format is being printed in some items



I have the following problem, the Schedule agreement in some of the items the format of the quantity and the date is showed as European format, that is incorrect because checking the data master, the Vendor partners OA and VN both are defined as languaje EN, the Schedule agreement language is EN, the output determination was found as EN.

But when the form is printed, some of the items shows European format example:

Item Material Text Target Price Total

00020 A1663200554 HIGH-PRESSURE LINE 50.000,00 140,00 EACH 7.000.000,00

Revision level 01

Valid from: 01.05.2010 to: 30.05.2010

Gross Price 266,00 USD 1 EA

Valid from: 31.05.2010 to: 31.12.2010

and some of the other items shows the American format, that is desired to show!!

00090 A1663201754 OIL PRESSURE LINE 50,000.00 168.00 EACH 8,400,000.00

Revision level 00

Valid from: 05/01/2010 to: 05/30/2010

Gross Price 294.00 USD 1 EA

Valid from: 05/31/2010 to: 12/31/2010

Gross Price 168.00 USD 1 EA

From where is taking that other Format?