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Jul 30, 2010 at 12:59 PM

Determine Partner and Partner2 (Contact) details within controller class.


We have added some contact fields, like email and telephone number to task screen of an account. When the user enters the contact person details (via a lookup table) I would like to populate the appropriate tel No and email address of that contact into the newly added fields. I have a function module which returns the appropriate Tel No./email details based on the Account BP and contact BP, but I need a process to determine what these are at runtime. Both the Partner and recipient fields (Tel No. and Email) are in different context nodes, so I assume that I need to perform any code to update these in the DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT method of the controller class.

I have enhanced the view and have a Z controller class, and also have my own copy of the DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT, but I have not got a clue where or how I can obatin the Account BP and Contact BP, assuming that contact has been entered.

The component is BT125H_TASK and view being BT125H_TASK/TaskDetails, with the contact field being called PARTNERNO and residing in the context node BTPARTNERCONTACT. The other fields/attributes are in the BTACTIVITYH context node.

I know how to set the values for the Tel No. and email address if I can determine the Account BP and contact BP.

Can anyone be of assistance?.

I'm currently debugging the process to see if I can determine where this data might reside.


John Sapora