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Jul 29, 2010 at 04:05 PM

Reset Rented Flag in BP master data once Contract is generated in CIC0


Hi All,

I've a simple scenario like this: I've several Business Partners (BPs) uploaded in CRM through ELM (External List Management) for which the "Rented Address" flag in BP master data is Set (Checked). Now if I created contract for any of those BPs in CIC0, then "Rented Address" flag in BP master data should be reset (Unchecked) as soon as I save the contract data in CIC0 screen.

To map this scenario into the CRM system I started with creating action profile and actions. For this I used the following:

Action Profile:

Business Object = BUS2000109 (CRM Contract)

Action Definition:

Processing Time = Processing when saving document

Partner Dependant = Checked

Partner Function = 00000014 (Employee Responsible)

Determination Technology = Determination Using Conditions that Can Be Transported

Rule Type = Workflow Conditions

Processing Type:

Method Call = MKTLIST_IS_RENT (ELM: Deletion of Indicator "Rented Address")

Now after I configured the above action profile and action, I'm not sure whether it would work or not. So, please let me know what are all other settings I need to configure here. Also tell me whether the data used (like Business object name etc.) in the above configuration is correct or not. Also do I need to assign the created action profile to any transaction type ? If so, what transaction type for CRM contract through CIC0 ?

My requirement is to when I will create contract for a rented BP in CIC0 and save the details in that CICO screen, the "Rented Address" flag in the BP master data for that BP must be reset (unchecked).

Thanks All....